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Yes the first annual Hunger Games, I mean Fantasy Film Ball is over for the most part. Stephen has another film coming out and Alan and Mike both have smaller films winding down but no one film or group of films can surpass the Hunger Games in the time we have left. It’s the same in the listener block with a few movies still winding down there but Jonathan has taken the day there and will be sitting in on the contributor game happening next week. We will continue to bring you the numbers each week until these movies are completely done because you never know…. (but well you kind of do know right?)

Here are the actuals:

Contributors Current Totals
Alan  $260,390,913.00
Niko  $199,737,561.00
Mike $564,633,221.00


Ada $220,611,870.00
Bill $420,077,648.00
Hector $340,272,082.00
Jonathan   $435,421,161.00
Zack  $172,533,424.00
Month Player B.O.
Contraband (4) Mike, Bill $62,021,555.00
Joyful Noise (4) Stephen, Ada $28,964,458.00
Haywire (4) Mike, Hector $18,579,451.00
The Divide Niko, Jonathan
The Iron Lady (4) Mike, Hector $19,402,183.00
Coriolanus (4) Niko, Jonathan  $267,947.00
Red Tails (4) Alan, Zach  $45,080,772.00
Underworld Awakenings (4) Alan, Ada  $58,914,525.00
The Grey (4) Alan, Jonathan   $48,035,170.00
Man on a Ledge (4) Stephen, Bill   $18,377,456.00
One for the Money (4) Stephen, Hector   $25,461,147.00
The Woman in Black (4) Mike, Jonathan   $50,451,681.00
Journey 2 Mysterious Island (4) Stephen, Zach   $85,233,873.00
Safe House (4) Niko, Hector  $108,355,425.00
This Means War (4) Stephen, Bill   $46,895,410.00
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (4) Niko, Hector   $48,065,270.00
Gone (4) Mike, Hector  $10,994,643.00
Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds (4) Stephen, Bill $33,099,543.00
Wanderlust (4) Stephen, Bill  $16,037,790.00
Star Wars The Phantom Menace 3D (4) Niko, Zach  $42,218,779.00
Dr. Sues’ The Lorax 3D (4) Mike, Bill  $177,412,055.00
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters 3D Stephen  –
John Carter (4) Stephen, Bill  $66,233,839.00
The Raven Mike, Hector
21 Jump Street (4) Mike, Hector  $109,413,763.00
Mirror, Mirror(4) Alan, Ada  $55,499,932.00
The Hunger Games(4) Stephen, Jonathan  $336,666,363.00
Wrath of the Titans(4) Stephen, Ada  $77,232,955.00
American Reunion (3) Mike $48,518,235.00
The Cold Light of Day Niko
Bullet to the Head Niko  –
The Cabin in the Woods(2) Mike  $27,246,247.00
The Three Stooges(2) Mike  $29,919,660.00
Chimpanzee(1) Mike  $10,673,748.00
House at the End of the Street Stephen
Safe Mike
Titanic 3D (3) Alan $52,860,574.00