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Leonard Nimoy will reprise his role as Mr. Spock on this Thursday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory; but he won’t be playing the role by himself. Instead, Nimoy will lend his voice to an 8-inch, cloth costumed Mr. Spock figure from Diamond Select Toys’ Star Trek Retro Cloth action figure line! An exact replica of the classic 1970s Mego figure. Mr. Spock has a conversation with Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) in a dream, and convinces Sheldon to open up a rare, mint-in-box Teleporter Playset (released in the U.K. by Palitoy in 1975). This episode sounds like it might be along the lines of the Lord of the Rings episode of BBT and that’s a really good thing.

Many items featured on the show have become fan favorites and are readily available, most notably many of Sheldon’s t-shirts. Even the t-shirt folder that Sheldon uses is out there on Amazon (Yours truly proudly uses one every week! The geeks will rule you all!). Unfortunately Diamond Select Toys tells us that this particular figure is sold out but a Mirror Universe version of Spock will be available later this year in the Retro Cloth line, along with Mirror Kirk, Captain Picard and a Borg!

How about a clip from The Big Bang Theory to get you excited for the episode?