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Take an exclusive virtual tour of The Captiol now at TheCapitolTour.PN to explore never-before-seen areas and characters, created in partnership with Gary Ross! The Captiol Tour is a personalized extension of the film and book that will provide a new world for Hunger Games fans to explore. Lionsgate worked with Microsoft to create the Capitol Tour, which is optimized for Internet Explorer 9.

Enter the Capitol by train, just like Katniss and Peeta, to begin your tour at the Welcome Center. Get a firsthand glimpse of the Capitol couture and learn more about your favorite characters. Consult The Guide to help you get around and learn more about the tributes of the 74th Annual Hunger Games. Access the Control Room for a behind the scenes look at the games, where the events are plotted out by the infamous gamemakers. You can even get an exclusive, never-before-seen scene from the Reaping by typing IVOLUNTEER in the Control Room!

1. Enter the Capitol the way Katniss and Peeta do – with the train! You may recognize that exact scene from the trailer – many of the places you’ll experience on the Capitol Tour are pulled directly from the movie, giving you early access to the land of Panem before the 23rd.

2. The tour begins at the Welcome Center, where you can get a firsthand glimpse of the Capitol couture you’ve read so much about. Look for tiny touches that bring Panem to life – a dress sparkle here, a dog tail wag there. The more time you spend on the site, the more you’ll see the movement of the city – including the airships in the background!

3. And there’s Effie! Hover over your favorite characters to learn more about them – you’ll find them all over the site; even Katniss and Peeta show up! In addition, if you’ve registered through Facebook like the Capitol asked, you’ll recognize a few other familiar faces – you’ll see as your friends arrive at the train station to prepare for the Hunger Games, and they’ll join you in each location as you visit Panem – you can even monitor their vitals from the Control Room. With this seamless interaction between the site and Facebook, fans can feel truly part of the Capitol.

4. All the Hunger Games content you need is in one place: The Guide. Here you can look at posters and images from the movie, watch the trailers, and learn more information about each District’s Tribute. It’s also your one-stop shop for getting around the different tour locations.

5. At the Avenue of the Tributes, you can hover over the crowd to find more details about what the Capitol fans of the Hunger Games are wearing as they wait for the Girl on Fire to arrive. Hover up to the stars for a hidden IE logo!

6. Also at the Avenue of the Tributes, you can hear the official address from President Snow – the first time fans will get to hear his full speech to the tributes from each District.

7. Click back through the Guide to the Control Room, and see a scene that’s central to the movie – this is where the gamemakers plot out each Hunger Games – from fireballs to muttations. Scroll to the left and you’ll see they’re eagerly counting down for the 23rd – get the minute by minute countdown for the movie’s release!

8. Here you can also see the arena – when it’s in the center, you can drag it around to see it from all angles, just like Seneca Crane sees.

9. If you volunteer – by typing “IVOLUNTEER” – in the control room, you’ll find an exclusive, never-before-seen scene from the Reaping!

Take the tour right now by going here: