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Yes that’s right, sometimes us pasty geeks do get outside. There are those freakish times when no one wants to play a board or video game and there isn’t a Babylon 5 rerun to be found on television. So at those magical moments someone will inevitably say “we should go outside”. When that happens we need something to do. The pocket disc just might be an option.

The Toy

Pocket disc is essentially a Frisbee but what makes it stand out is its construction. The disc is fabric, made of yarn. It’s due to the construction that the disc is a “pocket” disc. It can be folded easily and shoved into a back pocket. Now, walking around with it sticking out of your back pocket isn’t exactly going to enhance your ability to meet girls but it does allow you to go hands free until you’re ready to play. Outside of the construction pocket disc is a standard Frisbee, or to keep from breaking copyright law we’ll say “flying disc”.

It’s weather friendly, even if it gets wet, which is surprising since its fabric. If it gets wet just let it dry and you’re good to go. If it gets dirty just toss it in the wash like you would a scarf or other similar piece of clothing. The disc is a bit heavier than other similar toys but that’s really the only difference once you’re playing with it. It flies as good as any other disc we’ve tried and if it hits you it’s a lot less painful that the aluminum trash can lid we previously played with (I’m sorry Mike it was just a mild concussion).

The discs have a real sort of organic hippie vibe do the construction and tie-dye color schemes.  Again, not a bad thing per se, just an observation. These are also fair trade toys if that’s something you pay attention too. If you’re looking for a new “flying disc” and you feel the need for hands free prior to play then why not give this a go?


Construction and Style

The fabric is tough and tightly assembled giving the disc a solid and strong feel. The Pocket Disc will probably outlast you and your buds on any given Sunday. The only thing I wasn’t able to test is how much abuse the disc can take when it comes to playing catch with a dog. So let Chompers dig into this one at your own risk, I make no promises in that department. It is fabric so it’s bound to come unbound at some point but the Pocket Disc should last you long enough that you’ll feel you got more than your money’s worth out of it.


It flies straight if you have the ability to toss it straight that is. The Pocket Disc may actually be easier to catch than other solid plastic options  because it is flexible. It’s simple and fun.

Overall (Not an Average) 8.5/10

The Review
The Toy 8.5/10
Construction and Style 8/10
Overall (Not an Average) 8/10