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We are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to dig into the world of pop culture, and to interact with our readers who we believe love movies, TV, comics, and games as much as we do. We also want to offer visitors to the site multiple ways to get their pop culture fix. For the last few years we’ve offered written features, news, reviews, and previews along with an audio weekly webcast. Now, just after hitting episode 200 on the Webcast and bringing that show not just to audio but also to live streaming video we offer you something completely new: Culture Smash!
Culture Smash is a new video only series here at CineGeek that will bring you tasty bites of pop culture from top 5 lists, video reviews of toys and games, and convention and special event coverage. The show will be crafted by the evil masterminds here at CineGeek.com and will feature various personalities from the site led by the host of our previous documentary series (Con Trek), Alan Smith. We are proud however to launch the series with multipart coverage of the International Toy Fair with New York based host Victoria Rodriguez taking you from booth to booth to play with toys and games and let you see some of what will be hot for kids of all ages this year.

The episodes are hosted by YouTube and will be available here at CineGeek.com on our “CineGeek TV” page. Worry not though, as new installments of the series are posted we’ll do little feature articles here on the main page just to remind you to go take a look. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed to get the updates sent to you. Watch for your chance to be a part of the show by voting on top five lists and at some point even submitting your own video! Hang with us as we kick the tires and work out the kinks in this new series and be sure and let us know what you think by shooting us a comment on the page! Now enough talk, check out episode 1: