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Written and Drawn by Eric Powell
Publisher Dark Horse Comics

When the poor and disenfranchised have nowhere else to turn who ya gonna call?

The Goon. Obviously.

The Story                                                          

The Goon exists in a rather unique world very similar to early 20th century America but, you know, with magic and stuff. One might think this is an odd combination of literary sub genres but if you know Eric Powell then you wouldn’t expect anything less. I once heard this story about him, a troupe of burlesque dances, a cement mixer and an alpaca farm that would put anything published in The Goon to shame. But I digress….

The Goon #37 tells the story of a greedy factory owner who cares more about the bottom line than the workers responsible for said bottom line. The story is obviously taken from the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire that happened in New York City in March of 1911 only here it happens at the Pentagram Girdle Factory. In response to the many deaths and the owner’s refusal to allow a union the workers ask the Goon for help. Much ass-kickery and magic ensues. Which reminds me of another story I heard involving Mr. Powell, a voodoo priestess, the Nashville Symphony and Bristol Palin. But once again, I digress….

As I said before, this story is obviously inspired by actual historical events. Powell’s storytelling here is superb and blends an interesting mix Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle and classic EC Comics such as Tales from the Crypt. One of things I really liked about this issue is that I didn’t need to know an extensive back story to understand what was going on. In an industry that is driven by huge company spanning events that last for months or even years it is a relief to be able to read a single issue revenge story with a satisfying climax. Mr. Powell I commend you. And speaking of commendations, have you heard the story about Eric Powell, DJ Fat Andy, the Belligerent Rollergirl Fans, a 1954 Cadillac Eldorado and a road trip to find the last issue of Miracle Man at a comic book convention of ill repute in South Dakota? Maybe you should just Google it….


The Art

Eric Powell has a very unique and original art style. I have seen many would be comic artists try and replicate it but no one comes close. Every page, every panel, every pixel bleeds with noir. One of the great things about creator owned comics is that the art is consistent from beginning to end. I couldn’t imagine anyone but Eric Powell doing artwork for The Goon. Frank Frazetta would be proud.


I’ve always really liked The Goon and this issue is pretty freakin’ awesome. And if you didn’t get enough in this issue check out this Tweet from one Mr. Eric Powell. Looks to be exciting!!

The Review
The Story 9/10
The Art 9/10
Overall (Not an Average) 9/10