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There’s nothing like that feeling of seeing a loved one open your gift and realizing that you literally managed to get them the perfect gift. In fact, the gift is so damn perfect that you wish you had kept it for yourself. You sit there watching them as they brag about it, thank you countless times and fondle the gifty goodness of it, all the while your plotting their murder in order to get the gift back for yourself. Ok, so not murder, but there has to be a way to get that gift back right? Sure you could just go buy another one but it just won’t be the same as having that first one you bought right?

So, in order to avoid a possible near murder during your holiday festivities some of the writers here at CineGeek have put together a list of the must have geeky gifts for the holiday season. This way, you can buy that first one for yourself and if you are feeling generous you can pick up a second one for that special someone.

Alan’s Holiday Must Haves

I decided to go a little different for my gift guide. There are some really cool items available today but I thought I’d go with some cool items from the past that are still cool. Retro gaming and classic toys are all the rage these days so here are my must have retro choices (and one retro inspired new item):

11” Voltron (Lionbot, 1981)

This is one of the greatest toys ever. I never had this version of the Voltron toy but I always wanted one. It is die cast metal and pretty solid. These toys are a bit pricey today but for any fan of classic toys this would be a nice addition to any collection.



Shockwave (Transformers, 1985)


Shockwave was one of those toys that had it all. It was a giant robot that transformed into a gun plus it lit up and made laser sounds. How can you not love that? Granted most people want an Optimus Prime or one of the Dinobots and I could have included so many more Transformers on this list (Devastator comes to mind) but Shockwave was the coolest toy in an ultra cool toy line.


USS Flagg (G.I. Joe, 1985) –



This is the granddaddy of all classic toys. The USS Flagg is an aircraft carrier that had a very short production run. These things sell for upwards of $500 without the box or all the accessories. Complete they are worth over a grand. If you can find one and if you have the cash this toy would be ideal for transporting all your Joes into a sea battle with Cobra.



Castle Grayskull (Masters of the Universe, 1981)

I actually had this one when I was a kid and I enjoyed hundreds of hours of play time because of it. Castle Grayskull was a great play set because of all the imagination it lent to. That skull jaw draw bridge with the sword key latch, the elevator to the second floor, the throne room with a trap door and all the extra weapons never left me with loss of story lines and epic toy battles.

Fortress of Fangs (Dungeons & Dragons, 1983)


Most people forget that LJN produced a line of toys based on the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. I also had this one as a kid but to tell the truth I’m not sure how I managed to. My parents (like so many others in the 80’s) were scared that D&D was going to corrupt me and turn me into a Satan worshiper. And to this day I have never played a game of Dungeons & Dragons. But somehow I managed to get this play set and a few of the figured. The Fortress of Fangs was so cool because it had a moving spike wall, a weapons rack, a “river of lava,” a treasure chest and a giant purple demon throne. I wish I had never gotten rid of mine….




Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle


I included this as a bonus because, come on it’s a R2-D2 themed Xbox 360 with a C-3PO controller!! AND it makes noises like R2 when it is powered up. What more could you want without having your own R2 unit? I know this does not ship until December 31st but it is a must have for all Star Wars geeks. I would love to find a pre-order for this machine under my Christmas tree this year!!