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There’s nothing like that feeling of seeing a loved one open your gift and realizing that you literally managed to get them the perfect gift. In fact, the gift is so damn perfect that you wish you had kept it for yourself. You sit there watching them as they brag about it, thank you one too many times and fondle the gifty goodness of it, all the while your plotting their murder in order to get the gift back for yourself. Ok, so not murder, but there has to be a way to get that gift back right? Sure you could just go buy another one but it just won’t be the same as having that first one you bought right?

So, in order to avoid a possible near murder during your holiday festivities some of the writers here at CineGeek have put together a list of the must have geeky gifts for the holiday season. This way, you can buy that first one for yourself and if you are feeling generous you can pick up a second one for that special someone.

Stephen’s List

5. Amazon/iTunes Gift Cards

Ok yes it’s impersonal so save this one for that “special” someone you just don’t want to put that much effort into finding a gift for. In all seriousness though, it’s a digital world and these gift cards are good for nearly everything. The Amazon card of course opens the door for much more than just media but if that someone is an iPhone or iPad user then getting a gift of music, movies, or books for their cherished device is a great thing. Of course you can get all of that and more at Amazon. So, it just depends on where that special someone likes to play.

4. Air Hogs R/C Hawkeye Blue Sky

What? Did I literally just hear you say “How old are you?” to me? Yes it’s technically a toy but come on it’s awesome! It’s a badass looking remote control plane that has a built in camera for taking stills or video. Tell me that’s not cool? So don’t play with it like Snoopy does on the top of his doghouse. If it makes you feel better use it for more adult purposes like doing fly bys of your friend right when he’s trying to take a bite of that extra messy hot dog, and get it all on tape. See, so much more grown up! At any rate, the plane is made by Air Hogs and it hits the $79 mark so it’s not exactly cheap, but come on it has a video camera!

3. Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Did we say geeky gifts? Yes I think we did! This one is for the hardcore Star Trek fan. Imagine a night of watching the even movies or checking out some prime episodes of one of the Trek series (except for Enterprise) and ordering in a pizza for you and your friends. What’s better to divvy up that pie with than a pizza cutter that looks just like the Starship Enterprise? The saucer section is the blade of the cutter. This cool gadget from Lego is $28.99 and you can grab it right here! Hey, it even comes in an awesome tin!

2. Star Wars Complete Saga on Blu-Ray

Yes Lucas keeps tinkering with these movies but aren’t they his to tinker with? Well you could argue that he gave them to us years ago so he should leave them be now, and I’d agree with you. With that said, this blu-ray set features all six films looking better than ever on HD blu-ray. There are also tons of bonus documentaries and other features, most notably deleted scenes from the films that have never been released in any other form! The gorgeously packaged set is only $90 bucks, not bad for six movies and hours of extras!

1. LOST The Complete Collection


This has to be one of the most amazing presentations of a television series on home video to date, and it should be considering LOST is one of the best shows ever to be broadcast. This set includes all six seasons of the series on blu-ray, a bevy of bonus features too, a version of the game played on the island, photo book, and even a mysterious hidden bonus features disc that has to be discovered! It’s literally hidden in the packaging! Speaking of the packaging this box is a showpiece for fans of the show. It’s giant so it’s not meant to be hidden away on some nondescript movie shelf. The set retails for $150 on Amazon. You can buy this for yourself and give the gift of telling loved ones how awesome it is!