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We here at CineGeek have been playing a ton of Gears of War 3 lately, mixed in with the random Wii Fit when we need to get our ego’s in check. See several episodes of the webcast to hear my rant about the Wii Fit calling me a 54 year old man. At any rate that got me to thinking about gaming in general and the evolution of it. We recently recorded an episode of the show discussing the move of comics from printed paper to digital media and how great the move is for convenience and how deadly it is for a retail industry that already exists on razor thin margins. This same sort of evolution happened, and continues to happen for games. Does anyone still play board games? Card games maybe? Well the answer is yes, but not always in the way you might expect.

In the old days gaming was a very social thing. People, families and friends, sat around a table and opened up a box with something like Monopoly inside. Adults got together every Friday night for poker night and played cards around a table, sometimes the serious players even had a felt covered table with poker chips. The good news is that gaming is still social, but like comics, is much more co