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That’s right the latest movie to hit the billion dollar club from its theatrical box office hits DVD and blu-ray today. So, could you say it…… transformed from big screen to small screen? All joking aside Transformers: Dark of the Moon continues an epic take over of the world as it comes home today. Surprisingly though, one of the best looking 3-D films ever is only available in 2-D, at least for now. On the upside the film can be enjoyed in a 1080p HD presentation on the blu-ray version. So, it won’t look like it’s coming at you but the eye popping detail and colors will surely blow your mind. We haven’t reviewed it here yet but our expectations are high. Come on, love him or hate him there’s no denying that Michael Bay’s movies at least always look awesome.

We actually really liked this film though. Check out our discussion of Transformers: Dark of the Moon on the official CineGeek Webcast here. So, there’s no 3-D and as far as we know outside of a DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital combo pack there are no extras but that’s not a bad thing for fans that just want to get past the muck and get right into the film. Get your copy now by clicking the link below: