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Directed by Sam Irvin
Starring Richard Joseph Paul, Jackie Swanson, Musetta Vander

What happens when the western frontier meets the new frontier? Apparently a badly acted, poorly written low budget sci-fi mess of a movie.

The Movie

In the town of Oblivion the evil lizard faced Redeye (Andrew Divoff) rides into town  and challenges the sheriff to a dual. After shooting the sheriff down in cold blood he and his band of outlaws prepare to remake Oblivion into their own type of town. Only local shopkeeper Mattie Chase (Jackie Swanson) and the sheriff’s estranged son Zach (Richard Joseph Paul) along with his “native” pal Buteo (Jimmy F. Skaggs) stand in the way of Redeye’s plans.

Cowboys versus aliens, somehow that sounds familiar. This movie is a mess from the beginning. The acting is absolutely terrible. And I mean terrible! It seems that this was meant to be seen at three o’clock in the morning on cable. Just by the looks of it you would think this was a made for SyFy movie but worse. Some of the smaller roles in this movie are played by fanboy favorites such as George Takei (Star Trek), Meg Foster (They Live), Julie Newmar (Batman), Carel Struycken (The Addams Family) and Isaac Hayes (South Park). But none of these actors ,or a combined effort from all, could save this movie.

Probably the biggest problem this movie has is that it never finds an identity. It is trying too hard to be everything all at once. The biggest example is a show down between Buteo and the man who killed his family. It starts out as an arm wrestling match with a mutant alien frog thrown in to raise the stakes and careens its way across a revenge story (and an attack by said frog for no reason) only to ultimately end in a barroom brawl. Can anyone tell me what kind of point is trying to be made here? It seems that the producers wanted to make a bad movie. Well, if that is the case they succeeded.


The Video

This transfer is not very good. It was obviously shot poorly to begin with and the transfer to digital really brings out the flaws in the film. This presentation is in full frame 4:3 ratio.


The Audio

The audio is clear enough to hear every bad line of dialogue.


The Packaging and Special Features

The packaging is about what you’d expect, just a simple clear clamshell case with a paper insert. And this release doesn’t have any special features. Which is fine, some movies simply do not need them.


This is just a bad movie and not even in a good way. Some movies are just not created equal to, well…anything. For your own sanity watch re-runs of Firefly and enjoy how good the space western can be.

Overall (Not an Average) 2/10

The Review
The Movie 2/10
The Video 4/10
The Audio 5/10
The Packaging and Special Features 1/10
Overall (Not an Average) 2/10