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SundanceNOW gives you the choice to rent or own the best of independent cinema with the click of a mouse. The SundanceNOW library encompasses classic titles and the newest releases from around the globe.

Every month they will highlight different films from SundanceNOW’s extensive collection. This month they’re featuring films that were favorites at the Sundance Film Festival, including Miranda July’s ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW.

The idea for SundanceNOW came from the lack of a single online destination where real independent film fans could find, watch instantly and discuss a broad range of independent, hard to find films from around the globe. They believe that SundanceNow fills that void by bringing hundreds of films to your computer screen. You can watch them immediately (and legally) and find several films from the same director or of the same genre quickly and easily. In addition, new films are constantly being added to the service so there’s always a reason to come back.
SundanceNOW is a place for anyone interested in independent films both American and worldwide – from the die-hard fans, who we hope will become active members of our community, to those interested in browsing our extensive list of different genres and sampling something new.

Check it out here: http://www.sundancenow.com/

We’ll be taking the service for a spin and providing a full review ASAP!