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Written by Everett Soares
Art by Brian Brinlee

Humans, elves, orcs, cyborgs and bears all meet the sky for some good, old-fashioned piracy.

The Story

Captain Tobin Manheim, a half elf, and his crew of pirates on the airship Rogue’s Revenge are hired to save a cleric from a religious cult. All the while, Tobin’s past catches up to him as familiar friends and enemies alike pop back into his life as this simple mission has more at stake than it seems.

This book is a mix-mash of fictional genres. The setting is that odd mix of historical and sci-fi. Everyone walks, talks and even dresses like pirates, complete with the swashbuckling sword. But there are ships… that fly. And islands… that fly. And cyborgs. For the heck of it, let’s throw in some fantasy too with elves, orcs, minotaurs and a big, talking bear. If super heroes and vampires made their way in, this book would be an explosion of every role player’s dream.

The story actually manages to merge all these elements together for a decent story. This volume is really just meant to set up the main cast with their long history together, and it gives you enough to develop an interest in a few of them that should hopefully lead to a pay off in later issues. Tobin has enough humor and sorrow to flesh him out, and his history with everyone we meet gives some depth. But who needs that when your first mate is a freaking bear who talks and beats bad guys with a giant hammer? If that’s not a recipe for fun, I don’t know what it.

The story itself is weaker, concentrating on saving a cleric that is the key to an empire the reader never gets to form an opinion one way or the other on. As far as we know, the world may be better off if Tobin and crew fail. Even the book doesn’t care too much, taking most of issue #4 for a side story that has more to do with Tobin and his lady companion/personal assassin Shyni than the actual main plot itself.

It’s a decent start. The characters are there, but the story isn’t yet. Later volumes, perhaps.


The Art

The book is black and white, and all the work is surprisingly well detailed. It’s a good shading job maintaining the appearance of depth and fullness of the characters and objects.

The main hang up though is the awkward physical posturing and movement. A lot of positions look stiff and unnatural. And then there are just the occasional random screw ups like uneven eyes.

The sound effects though, from “KA-BOOM” to “THOO-OOM”, are obviously added in post on a computer. They have the jaggy pixilated lines that reek of MS Paint. The artist would have done better to have added those himself into the artwork.

All in all, the book just looks less polished and professional, but it has potential to improve.


Overall (Not an Average)

This is a decent enough fantasy series, and it’s a fine pirate book. Just needs stories that the reader will care about and some more polished art, but it’s a decent start to a series.


The Review
Story 7/10
Art 6/10
Overall (Not an Average) 7/10