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This week on the CineGeek Webcast we chat about another Superman reboot, a new Hellraiser flick, Top Gun 2, the latest DVD, Blu-Ray, and comic book releases, Rocky and Bullwinkle. This week we also introduce “Quickies” news that’s kust a quick bite, usually just a headline that’s worth some discussion. Each week we’ll cover a few on the show and if there are even more worth mentioning we’ll list them here along with the latest episode of the show! Scroll on down and check out the show streamed here or grab it from iTunes!Quickies we didn’t get to on the show:

  • Sony has dropped the price of the PSPGo from $249 to $199.
  • Tuesday was the 10th birthday of the Sony Playstation 2
  • Netflix via it’s streaming component is now responsible for 5% of internet traffic, more than twice as much as YouTube,  during primetime hours.