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The creators of Avatar are taking the blu-ray disc format and the BD-Live capabilities seriously! The first release of Avatar has been out for many months now and with the upcoming extended edition on the way the BD-Live option for the current blu-ray are coming alive!

With access to a BD-Live player with a network connection, once you insert your Avatar blu-ray into the player a LIVE EXTRAS option will appear in the main menu. By selecting this, new content will quickly download, allowing you to access preview video clips from the forthcoming Avatar: Collector’s Edition blu-ray.

Here’s a list of the videos that will be available via BDLive and Avatar on blu-ray:

  • Bar Fight:  Excerpt from the Collector’s Extended Cut
  • Users Guide for AVATAR deleted scenes
  • Kauai: Excerpt from documentary
  • Grandma’s Teylu: Never Before Seen Deleted Scene
  • 2006 Art Reel Excerpt
  • Driving Range: Never Before Seen Deleted Scene
  • Acting in the Volume: Excerpt from documentary
  • Drums of War (full version): Never Before Seen Deleted Scene
  • Scene Deconstruction: Demonstration
  • “What did happen”: Excerpt from the Collector’s Extended Cut

The following pieces of content are going on the Portal for the Avatar ECE November disc:

  • Crew Short:  The Night Before Avatar
  • Raw Footage Production Elements (runtime estimated 51:55)
  • Screen Test – Sam Worthington & Zoe Saldana (Raw Footage) (10:44)
  • Screen Test – Stephen Lang (Raw Footage) (4:30)
  • Screen Test – Giovanni Ribisi (Raw Footage) (3:10)
  • Screen Test – Joel David Moore (Raw Footage) (4:10)
  • Screen Test – CCH Pounder (Raw Footage) (4:47)
  • Screen Test – Laz Alonso (Raw Footage) (6:49)
  • Speaking Na’vi (Rehearsal/Raw Footage) (6:39)
  • Weta Workshop: Walk & Talk Presentation (Raw Footage) (11:06)