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It’s time again for the annual Ghost Hunters Halloween Live Event! We’ve got a special promo clup for the event! Click on through to check it out!Ghost Hunters Halloween Live, cable’s #1 Halloween event, returns!  Ghost Hunters Halloween Live features cast members from the entire Ghost Hunters franchise (as well as some other special guests), who will team up to take on the haunts at the inimitable Buffalo Central Terminal in Buffalo, New York.  Built in 1929 and abandoned 50 years later, the Terminal was once a bustling, 14-story combination office tower and train station. Now, this decaying art deco masterpiece is a potent hotbed of paranormal activity.  Destination Truth’s host Josh Gates leads a fearful journey to get you glued to the tube and sitting on pins and needles.  Don’t miss this must see coverage as part of Syfy’s 31 days of Halloween this Sunday, October 31 from 7PM-1AM (ET/PT) only on Syfy.