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Created by Doug Ellin
Starring: Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Jeremy Piven

I should probably just go ahead and admit that I am not the biggest fan of this show. I don’t hate it but I don’t seem to love it as much as some of my friends do. Does the 6th season finally win me over?

The Series

First, an overview of the series in case you aren’t familiar. Entourage tells the story of Vincent Chase, young A-list film star (Adrian Grenier). His best friend and manager is Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly). or as his friends call him “E”.

Vincent’s older brother Johnny “Drama” Chase (Kevin Dillon), is also Vince’s personal chef and trainer and bodyguard. Johnny is a D-list actor who was in the fictional show Viking Quest during his younger days. His role in the new fictional hit show Five Towns has begun to resurrect his fame and career, although he still receives less acknowledgment than he would like for it.

Rounding out the entourage of friends is Salvatore Assante, known as “Turtle” (Jerry Ferrara), who is another of Vince’s old friends from childhood. Turtle’s official role is as Vince’s driver and assistant, though his value as such is often brought into question.

And finally, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) is Vince’s abrasive but lovable agent.

The episodes included in this season are: Drive, Amongst Friends, One Car Two Car Red Car Blue Car, Running on E, Fore!, Murphy’s Lie, No More Drama, The Sorkin Notes, Security Brief, Berried Alive, Scared Straight and Give a Little Bit.

First things first, without seeing the other seasons, it is a bit difficult to get up and running fast joining this series in the sixth season. I guess you could put the other seasons on your Netflix queue or do a little research and read up before jumping in here.

Season 6 covers Vince after he finished his last film Gatsby, directed by Martin Scorcese. He is getting ready for the big premiere, as is his group of friends. In the midst of all of this success, he gets a stalker which leads to some funny scenes with he and Turtle shopping for guns.

Ari, the agent, is still giving his wife and assistant Lloyd hell. E and Drama are trying to figure out themselves. Drama is getting another shot at TV fame and E is preparing to poise a life changing question to his girlfriend Sloan.

Guest stars are everywhere in the sixth season. Look for appearances by Steve Nash, Tom Brady, Bono, 50 Cent, Dean Cain, Jay Leno, Bob Saget and David Schwimmer, just to name a few.

If you like Entourage, you will enjoy the sixth season. The show works like a well oiled machine, both in performances and writing, and this season is just as solid as the rest, if you enjoy the premise.

Personally, I have always felt that characters in Entourage were a bunch of spoiled young guys with huge misconceptions of how important they are in the whole scheme of things. Somehow, it isn’t my thing. I can see talent in the writing and acting, it just isn’t my kind of show.   My friends that love this show say I am missing the point completely. They love watching these scrappy New York kids navigate their way through the women and parties of Hollywood that the lucky break of Vince has provided for him and his friends.

So take a look and tell me if I am right or my friends.



The series is presented in a widescreen presentation.  The transfer is first rate. The black levels are highly respectable and the colors and skin tones are wonderfully presented. This is an all around solid presentation of a popular series.


The Audio

The series is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1. The dialogue is crystal clear and well mixed. This audio mix is fantastic, blending the ambient sounds, dialogue and soundtrack perfectly.


The Packaging and Bonus Features

The series is presented in a multidisc amaray case with a cardboard slipcover.

There are a few bonus features available on this release. First up, three commentaries to listen to with creator Doug Ellin and main characters sitting in that fans will enjoy. Cast and Crew interviews and a behind the scenes featurette are also available.

That’s about it for this category.


Overall (Not an Average) 7/10

The Review
The Series 6/10
The Video 7/10
The Audio  710
The Packaging and Bonus Features 6/10
Overall (not an average) 7/10