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It’s not often that a television series comes along that makes such a powerful impact on pop culture that it changes the landscape of media forever. There are those flash in the pan moments but love it or hate it there’s no denying that LOST has changed things, at a minimum has changed television in a way that will ripple on for many years to come, if not forever. It’s with that in mind that we dedicate an entire hour of the CineGeek Webcast to this show and discuss what we loved, what we hated, and the impact that the show has had on us as individuals and on the world in general. We welcome Suzie Lackey, writer here at the site, and Dwayne Pete CineGeek superfan, to the show to share in the discussion. Be warned, if you haven’t watched the finale you may want to wait to listen. If you haven’t watched the show at all this episode of the webcast may clue you in to what the hype is all about. Also, if you’re a fan get a hanky because our music choice this week titled Life and Death, may bring up some tears….