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So since there’s no Webcast this week, we thought we’d still make sure you guys know what DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s are on shelves this week! Here’s the list:

Crazy Heart DVD/Blu-Ray
The Lovely bones DVD/Blu-Ray
Avatar DVD/Blu-Ray
Cheech and Chong Hey Watch This!
44 Inch Chest DVD/Blu-Ray
Minority Report Blu-Ray
Fist of Legend Blu-Ray
The Basketball Diaries Blu-Ray
Batman Blu-Ray
Batman Returns Blu-Ray
Batman Forever Blu-Ray
Transformers Season 3 & 4
Northern Exposure The Complete Season One and Two
Merlin The Complete first season
Drawn Together Movie: The Movie
Xena Warrior Princes Season One
Hercules The Legendary Journeys Season One
Orlock the Vampire 3D
Reefer Madness 75th Anniversary Collector’s Edition