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Update: You can now comment without registering. This should mae the process much quicker for you guys!

Now that the new site design is finished we are working to add new features! We want to hear what you think of articles and reviews on the site and we want to hear what you think of pop culture news items too! We’ve opened comments on every article as well as added a quick access button to Twitter too. We’ve literally just added our first Digg button to an article here at Cinegeek too. Digg buttons will be available on feature articles and news items. See that new button on our latest Top 10 article: http://cinegeek.com/?p=1921

Of course you can Digg anything on the site but we’re making it quick and easy on select articles.

We’re also now doing a weekly poll on the far right sidebar focusing on whatever happens to be hot at the moment. Voting is a simple anonymous click!

So get involved here at CineGeek! Let us know what you think and share ideas for things you’d like to see here on the site!

Oh, you’re probably asking, why the nun picture from Leverage? The answer, why not! Listeners to the CineGeek Webcast probably aren’t surprised!