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Grace Pic 1
Directed by Paul Solet
Starring Jordan Ladd, Samantha Ferris, Stephen Park

“Hunger knows no friend but its feeder.”

Contemplating having a baby? All of those E*Trade commercials got you thinking a bundle of joy is a good idea? Perhaps you might want to watch Grace before you make up your mind for sure. Grace was recently release on DVD by Anchor Bay.

The Movie

Michael and Madeline Matheson (Stephen Park and Jordan Ladd) are desperate to have a baby. Their “intimate” time has become less about lust and much more about conceiving. They try to stay positive, even though Michael’s parents are frequent albeit judgmental and haughty visitors. After successfully conceiving a child, they begin decorating a nursery and discussing the various options for childbirth. Michael’s parents try to squelch Madeline’s desire to have a former close friend Patricia (Samantha Ferris), a successful midwife, to deliver the baby. They prefer Madeline to have the baby in the hospital with all the benefits of epidurals and pain medication.

Unfortunately, it isn’t long before happiness is turned to sadness. Michael and Madeline get into a horrific car accident and Michael is killed and Madeline is severely injured. She receives the bad news at the hospital: her baby is dead. Madeline makes the shocking decision to go ahead and deliver her deceased baby on its natural due date. Yes, you read that right.

Flash forward onto the delivery day. With her friend Patricia by her side and several other assistants, Madeline enters the midwife clinic to begin the sorrowful delivery. As her extremely pale and grey baby is placed in her arms so that she may say “goodbye”, Patricia and her helpers leave so that they may have some privacy.

It is at this moment that something surprising happens: Madeline’s baby awakens and begins to nurse. As the women enter the room and witness this surprising occurrence, Madeline simply says “Her name is Grace”.  And the two begin their relationship as mother and child.

It isn’t long before Madeline and Grace are shutting the world out. Madeline tells her friends and family that she doesn’t need a hospital. Instead, her and Grace need “alone time” to bond and to grieve over the loss of Michael.

But, Grace isn’t like any other child. Flies gather in her room, she is fussy beyond belief and milk just doesn’t satisfy her, a fact that Madeline discovers in the most grisly of ways. As she is breast feeding Grace, her daughter bites her. Not seeking the milk, but instead, seeking the blood. This is what satisfies the hunger inside of Grace. And while she is small, her hunger is mighty.

Madeline becomes desperate to satisfy her growing albeit strange daughter. But, what are the limits to a mother’s love? Is there anything a mother won’t do to love and feed their child?

While the subject matter is deliciously dark and disturbing, the characters are handled with subtlety and a need to understand their motivations. There isn’t a false beat in the film; rather, it is most sincere. But, don’t doubt for a minute that there isn’t some gore and moments that will make you cringe: they are there and they are noteworthy.  

The performance by Jordan Ladd is fantastic here. She is proving herself to be a solid performer in the horror genre, already turning in first-rate performances in Hostel II, Cabin Fever and Death Proof.

So if you are looking for a horror film that isn’t your typical “cookie cutter” fare, this is the film for you. And I bet you don’t look at those E*Trade babies the same again.


The Video

Cinegeek was sent a screener copy. Therefore we cannot score the final version that would be released on DVD and Blu Ray.

The Audio

Cinegeek was sent a screener copy. Therefore we cannot score the final version that would be released on DVD and Blu Ray.

The Packaging and Bonus Features


Cinegeek was sent a screener of the film for review so scores for packaging cannot be provided.

Bonus features include the original short film Grace upon which the feature film was based. Several featurettes including Grace at Sundance, Grace: Conception, Grace: Family and Her Mother’s Eyes: The Look of Grace.

Also included is Lullaby: Scoring Grace and Grace: Delivered, which is a very comprehensive production diary.

Rounding things out is a feature commentary with director Paul Solet, producer Adam Green and cinematographer Zoran Popovic.

Again, Cinegeek was sent an early screener for the film so perhaps more bonus features might be available on the final release.

Overall (Not an Average) 7/10

The Movie 7/10
The Video (Final Version not provided for review)
The Audio (Final Version not provided for review)
The Packaging and Bonus Features (Final Version not provided for review)
Overall (not an average) 7/10