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We here at CineGeek, and many others actually, like to call Dragon Con the San Diego Comic Con of the south. The crowds are huge, the celebrities are out in force, and the costumes are fantastical. See, not that much different. We’re on our way to the con, which is in Atlanta, GA, for a weekend of fun in fandomland. we haven’t forgotten about you guys though. We’ll be picking up some fantastic interviews and feature article material while we’re there. We’re also doing two panels on our XBOX 360  television series Con Trek and recording a podcast from the event! While we’re there, I’ll be posting constant updates in our Twitter account along with tons of pics too. So check out the Twitter page here at CineGeek or head on over to our official Twitter page to stay up to date on what happening! Meanwhile, check out Mike’s reviews of Samantha Who Season 2, and The Big Bang Theory and Suzie’s review of Scrubs Season 8 right here on the site!