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Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy Pic 1
Directed by Greg Colton
Featuring voicework by Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Seth MacFarlane, John Viener

The name Seth MacFarlane either makes you want to check this out immediately or makes you run for the hills. Some of us find Family Guy funny and others simply do not in any way. Personally, I like it so this brightened my doorstep when this Blu Ray DVD showed up.

The Collection

Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy: Blu Ray is an uncensored and uncut collection of the web series from the twisted mind of MacFarlane.

Included in this collection are the following shorts: The Frog Prince, The Scotsman, Patient Zero, Cat Staff Meeting, Mountain Climber, The Bartender Says, Name that Animal Penis, Die, Sweet Roadrunner, Die, Sex with Part 1, The Fat Guy Working Out, The Gay Knight, A Douchebag Unicorn PSA, Fred Flinstone takes a Shit, A Dog on the $25, 000 Pyramid, Super Mario Rescues the Princess, Adopted, Stuck in a Life Raft with Matthew McConaughey, Two Persian Guys Try to Get Ladies into Their Sports Car, He Who Lives in A Glass House, Sex with Part 2, Tarantino Performs a Circumcision, Fred and Barney Try to Get into a Nightclub, The Wizard of Oz adjusted for Reality, Monkeys talk about Religion, Marital Troubles, Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road, Sex With Part 3, Backstage with Bob Dylan, Barry Gibb Rides a Roller Coaster, Mad Cow Disease, The Scotsman Part 2, Dirty Vaudville, Beavers: Assholes of the Forest, A Trip to the Psychiatrist, Fat Jesus, Dracula Meets Magic Johnson, The Sneeze Throw Up, The Settlers First Attempt to buy Manhattan, Why Bob Marley Shouldn’t have Acted as His Own Attorney, Jesus and Vishnu on Christmas Eve, Ted Nugent is Visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, Four Years of Entourage in 10 seconds, Tara Reid is Not Looking so Good Lately, Things you should Never Hear, Small Talk with Aunt Helen, Two Ducks Watch Meet the Parents, Jeff Goldblum Wafers, Marie Antoinette’s Notepad, Sheep Shearing and What Happens if you feed Dog Chocolate while He Wears a Tin Foil Hat in the Microwave.


All of these have the same twisted sensibilities on display that is evident in Family Guy and American Dad, except here, no network sensors to worry about. Some are successful and others are just grating and that comes from a fan of MacFarlane.

MacFarlane’s obvious enjoyment of gross outs, toilet humor, satire, ethnic humor, and wild leaps of reason is unabashedly on display in every minute in this collection. Where else could you see Fred Flinstone take a massive dump?

So, what can I say here: this doesn’t need deep analysis befitting a film review written by Pauline Kael. For those that like MacFarlane, give a whirl and pop it in for visitors to your home to give ‘em a shock. Those that hate him, this is not going to change your mind.


The Video

The collection is presented in anamorphic widescreen. The colors pop off the screen and I did not notice any instances of grain or artifacts. The black levels are very respectable.


The Audio

The collection is presented in. lossless DTS HD Master Audio 5.1.Every syllable of the dialogue is crystal clear and sounds great.


The Packaging and Bonus Features

Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy: Blu Ray is presented in a standard Blu Ray amaray case with cover suitable to the material presented.

There a few bonus features to explore on this release. First up, Red Carpet Premiere with the cast and crew discussing this project. A Still Gallery is offered that show character designs in various points from rough to complete.

Rounding things out is an Itunes download and a trailer for Notorious.


Overall ( Not an Average) 5/10

The Review

The Collection 5/10
The Video 7.5/10
The Audio 7.5/10
The Packaging and Bonus Features 4/10
Overall (Not an Average) 5/10