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Directed by David LaChappelle
Starring: Elton John

Elton John has an impressive music career that has spanned over 36 years. The eye popping The Red Piano concert, directed and produced by the famed photographer David LaChappelle, is now available on Blu Ray from Island/Mercury.

The Concert

When Elton John steps out on stage and places his hands on a flame red piano in the middle of a lavish set, fans know they are in for a great night of music. As the beginning notes of Bennie and the Jets float over the crowd, everyone goes crazy.

Thus begins a night of eye-popping sets, visually striking videos on huge screens and a night of Sir Elton cranking out a night of his hits.

Filmed in Caesars Palace Coliseum in Las Vegas, this concert finds Elton in a chipper mood and he chats up the audience in between songs, commenting on the influences of different songs and sharing stories and antidotes, so “Mister Mercurial” puts away the attitude for a night and seems to be having a good of time as the audience.

Fans will hear Rocket Man, Daniel, Answer in the Sky, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Crocodile Rock just to name a few.

Of course, Elton performs Candle in the Wind, The Bitch is Back and Pinball Wizard to the thrill of the crowd. Philadelphia Freedom and Your Song also entice the audience.

The props that David LaChappelle selects for the stage have just got to be seen to be believed. Trust me; you will not get the sight of absolutely ginormous breasts floating over the audience.

So when I tell you this is not this concert disc to pop in at a family get-together, take my advice seriously. This is an “R” rated concert; this is not Elton John performing for Disney.

Elton has fun joking about his fellow Vegas performers and it seems he doesn’t hold them in too high of regard. He cuts on everyone for Celine Dion to Cirque De Soleil.

Elton seems to be having more fun here than in other concerts and he is enjoying the raucous mood and titillating props, so this makes for a fun viewing experience.

So, for Elton John fans, adding this to the Blu Ray collection is a no-brainer.


The Video

The show is presented in widescreen transfer. The transfer is solid, although there were a few moments of soft detail and colors that bleed, so adjust your expectations accordingly.


The Audio

Presented in DTS Surround, the concert is immersive and lush. This sounds fantastic and will not disappoint.


The Packaging and Bonus Features

The film is presented in a standard Blu Ray amaray case with a cover suitable to the material presented.

First up is a documentary about the concert and everyone from the director, to Elton John and other musicians are interviewed. Fans of the singer will enjoy this bonus feature.

Rounding things out is a collection of David LaChapelle videos which are the ones that are played during the concert.


Overall ( Not an Average) 7/10

The Concert 7/10
The Video 6/10
The Audio 9/10
The Packaging and Bonus Features 5/10
Overall ( Not an Average) 7/10