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Not just being film critics but also being a group of artists including writers, filmmakers, and illustrators we heavily support independent work. So when one of our friends releases something we think that you guys would appreicate we try to get the word out to benefit both the artist and you by offering an opportunity to see or read something you may not otherwise know about. A friend of the site and filmmaker (we featured his film in a contest a few months ago here http://cinegeek.com/?p=88) Stephen Zimmer is releasing for a limited time a new novel.  Check out the details below:

Synopsis of The Exodus Gate (Book one of the Rising Dawn Saga)

“Benedict Darwin, host of a popular late night radio show that deals with the paranormal, comes into possession of a virtual reality simulator that turns out to be something far greater and more powerful than he ever expected.

Supernatural powers from the Abyss and their human allies are working tirelessly to bring about a One World Government. They are also working to bridge the boundaries of time and space, to bring back the Nephilim, the offspring of Fallen Avatars and humans, who were destroyed in a Great Flood that occurred long ages ago.

On the verge of enslaving the entire world, the vast forces within the Abyss under their proud and defiant ruler Diabolos, the Shining One, are more powerful than ever before, and they hunger to shake the foundations of Heaven itself.

A Convergence of unprecedented proportions is underway, as meticulously designed plans from malevolent otherworldly powers, set into motion at the foundation of the world, begin to unfold.

In the face of this rising storm, other powers begin to come together to resist. A most unlikely group begins to form, including high school student Seth Engel and his friends, who witness pony-sized wolves during a hike in a forest where wolves have not been seen in decades, to Benedict Darwin, his niece Arianna, and even souls existing within the afterworld. The Exodus Gate sets in motion many new forces and unexpected allies that are not going to allow their world and those beyond to fall without a fight.

An epic tale of courage and adventure, with fantastical realms and exotic creatures, The Exodus Gate is the first adventure in the Rising Dawn Saga.”

After working with an extremely gifted editor in Amanda DeBord, and seeing the outstanding illustrations being developed by artist Matthew Perry (this book will have no less than 12 full page interior illustrations),

We are offering a special limited first edition package of The Exodus Gate, with a version of the book that will not be commercially available and will include a number of collectible extras.

There will be a maximum press run of 250 copies of this strictly limited version. We will be taking pre-orders on it throughout the rest of December, up to the first week of January, and then the order window will be closed (and it will be closed earlier if we reach 250 pre-orders before then). When they are gone, they are gone, so if you want one I encourage you to reserve one sooner than later.

There is also a limit of 2 packages per person desiring one of these special limited edition packages.

Special First Edition package includes:

  • Commemorative page in book designating it as a limited first edition copy (limited to a maximum press run of 250 copies)
  • Each copy signed by author and hand-numbered
  • Full color glossy bookmark featuring book artwork
  • 8X10 print of cover art
  • Promotional set of 4 trading cards featuring artwork from The Exodus Gate
  • 11 X17 poster of cover art (this is the same poster design that will be used for convention and bookstore appearances)

Price of only $19.95 plus $3.50 for shipping and handling per limited edition package

Visit the following sites to reserve a limited edition package today: