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To celebrate the release of one of innovative director Takeshi Miike’s most exciting films to date we have 3 fantastic prize packs to send your way!

The film, Sukiyaki Western Django, is Takeshi Miike’s first all English feature film with special guest star Quentin Tarantino. The film is a mash up of Samurai storytelling, Italian spaghetti westerns, and American grindhouse all wrapped up into one fast paced action packed film.

The prize pack includes:

  • A western wall scroll featuring the poster art
  • A branded squirt gun six shooter
  • A copy of the special edition of the film in a tin case
  • A set of branded playing card with the main characters from the film on the cards

To win tell us who’s the quicker draw Quentin Tarantino in this film or Clint Eastwood from The Good the Bad and the Ugly.  Don’t forget to include your mailing address!


Contest Ends 11/30/08