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Written By Dan Slott/ Mark Waid (backup story)
Art by John Romita Jr./ Adi Granov (backup story)

Picture it, 1984 on a Saturday morning. A young boy races to watch his favorite cartoon, Spiderman and His Amazing Friends. He takes his cereal and plops down in front of the TV. This is his entry into a greater addiction, the Marvel Universe. Ever since, he has loved the wall crawler. With Amazing Spider-man #568, that curly haired five year old boy and his now twenty-eight year old self are one and the same. Suffice it to say, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman is back kids, have fun chuckles.

The Book

Amazing Spider-man #568 is the first part of the follow up to the very controversial Brand New Day storyline. While I honestly liked Brand New Day with its funny, snarky commenting Spiderman of old, I wished the classic villains were present, they are. After Brand New Day, we were introduced to Kraven’s daughter in Kraven’s First Hunt, another great read. However, New Ways to Die brings back Norman Osborn and his team the Thunderbolts.

Thankfully, Amazing Spider-man has been quite accessible to new readers. This latest story ark even tells his origin in one page, great for a new fan. The tone of the book is classic Spiderman. Peter is looking for work and battling the villain of the week, par for the course for Spiderman. With the inclusion of the classic villains, Spiderman is going back to his roots.

I know there are haters of the new Mary Jane less Spiderman stories, but I assure you, classic fan to classic fan, this feels like Spiderman. We aren’t treated to an emo Spidey who laments everything. This character has problems but deals with them and has time to smart ass his villains. What’s not to love?

The conclusion of the regular story is classic. Not to spoil anything, but it makes you want to read the next issue. The back up story concerns Eddie Brock, the former Venom, and his struggles with coming clean and overcoming his illness. Plus, its written by Mark freakin’ Waid, one of my favorite authors. I would love to see him on a regular Spiderman book.

Amazing #568 is worth your time. Tired of crazy crossovers that steal your money and give you nothing? Give this book a try. Want classic comics in the Marvel Tradition? Here it is True Believers. Stop whining, Mary Jane is not with Peter, deal with it. Spiderman is back and I love it. Until Spiderman dances and is emo, make mine Marvel and Amazing Spiderman. Oh crap, he danced in that movie, scratch that.


The Artwork

Here is my point of contention with this issue. I understand that John Romita Jr. is comic royalty and I respect that, but I’m not a fan of his artwork on Spiderman. I mush prefer his father. With that said, his version of Venom is kind of interesting. His eyes are prevalent and not just the outer white part. It really makes him creepy. Plus Romita Jr’s jutting style fits the character well. Adi Granov’s painted artwork on the backup story is well done, and I feel is superior to Romita’s work.


Overall ( Not an Average) 8/10

The Review
The Story 8.5/10
The Artwork 6.5/10
Overall (Not an Average) 8/10