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Energy drinks are something I’ve never taken seriously because they just don’t seem to have much of an effect on me. I’ve tried Red Bull and a few others and got no real effect from them. The one time this didn’t hold true was on a recent episode of our podcast where we all drank Amp energy drink along with several energy gummies. I’m not sure how much effect the Amp had though because the serving size of the energy gummies called for only two gummies where we each ate a small bag of them. Needless to say we were all pretty juiced up during that podcast. The most we’ve ever been hyped up though was the first episode where we ate Buzz Bites, little chocolate candy that was basically held together with caffeine. So, some of these energy candies have worked on me.

The Food

I generally have trouble sleeping so when we opened the box of “Drank” the anti energy drink I took the possible effects of the beverage with a grain of salt. This “drink” sells itself on being a beverage that relaxes rather than energizes. Each can is infused with valerian root, melatonin, and rose hips, all of which are known to “slow your roll” as the can reads. Add in some hops and you should be getting a good night’s sleep with this stuff.

This grape soda is influenced by an illegal drink with the same name that found popularity in the hip hop community. I first heard of the illegal variety, which is made with codeine, when it came out that it was Brittney Spears’ favorite beverage, which adding in her current actions, starts to make a lot of sense. Maybe Brittney will try this legal, all herbal, version of Drank.

The flavor is that of a carbonated grape soda with the slightest almost mineral flavor as an aftertaste, probably due to the heavy weight of the melatonin. Overall it’s quite good though, better tasting than Red Bull. As far as relaxation goes, the effect is surprisingly powerful. Four of us tried the beverage during the most recent podcast and by the end of the hour long show we were all ready for a nap. Even I, the man who never gets affected by these herbal relaxation drinks and medication, was ready for bed.

Drank comes in a standard tall boy can slathered in purple, referencing the slang of the illegal variety called “Purple Drank”, with a huge logo on the front making it easy to pick out of the cooler. Good luck finding it though as it’s not available widely yet. If you’re in New York of Houston you shouldn’t have any problem finding it. If you’re somebody who could use a little help relaxing it is definitely worth searching this “drink” out. Since it actually tastes good, it won’t go down like medicine either.  To hear the effects in audio check out episode 9 of our podcast where we give it a go!