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Directed by Enzo G Castellari
Starring Bo Svenson, Fred Williamson, Peter Hooten

Okay, movie fans are already aware that a remake of this film is Quentin Tarantino’s next big project. But, have you seen the original? Thanks to the good people at Severin, you will get your chance to view this little nugget of Italian cinema, and in a special 3 disc special edition. Aren’t you lucky?

The Movie

If you like films like The Great Escape or The Dirty Dozen, this film is going to tickle you in all the right spots.

Lt. Yeager (Bo Svenson), Private Canfield (Fred Williamson) and Tony (Peter Hooten) are American soldiers during World War II. They are being taken to military prison, a fact none of them are celebrating. But, film fans can fast realize that these guys are badasses that are not going to go down without a fight. While being transported, an artillery attack, courtesy of the Germans, provides an opportunity for the captured soldiers to escape.

They decide to head to Switzerland, thinking that it is the land of neutrality and understanding that these underdogs are sorely in need of.

Wouldn’t you know that Yeager, Canfield and Tony somehow wind up volunteering for a commando mission to secure a V2 warhead for the French Underground? When a day starts, you never know how it is going to end, do you? So, of course these toughies take on this mission with gusto.

This mission will have these guys sneaking into dangerous German territory, stealing right underneath the Nazi’s noses and still trying not to get re-arrested and sent to military prison.

Inglorious Bastards is a rocking good time. There are enough cool lines, fist fights, guns and explosions to make your heart go pitty pat. Add to this one great escape from a German camp and a fierce fight on a train, and you won’t need anymore reason to add this DVD to your collection.

Fred Williamson and Bo Svenson are undeniably cool in this film. Peter Hooten brings some real charisma to his role.

The direction by Enzo G. Castellari is exhilarating and the soundtrack by Francesco De Masi, who also provided music for Lone Wolf McQuade and Beastmaster II is a lot of fun.

So, who knows what Quentin Tarantino is going to do with this film. It will probably be good, but remember, Castellari’s 1978 original film did it all first, in Italy, with less money and with a whole bunch of finesse.


The Video

The Inglorious Bastards: 3 disc Special Edition is presented in widescreen. Severin has done a nice transfer of this film without any grain or artifacts and nicely vibrant colors.


The Audio

The Inglorious Bastards: 3 disc Special Edition is presented in the original mono mix. The dialogue is clear and easily understood.


The Packaging and Bonus Features

The Inglorious Bastards: 3 disc Special Edition is presented in a standard amaray case with some great cover artwork.

Some nice bonus features await your perusal on this release. On the first disc, a commentary with director Enzo G. Castellari with David Gregory moderating. There is also a conversation with Tarantino with Castellari where Tarantino basically gushes endlessly on how much he loves the film. Rounding out the first disc is the original theatrical trailer.

On the second disc, there is a 70 minute documentary about the making of the film entitled Train Kept A Rollin. There are new interviews with Castellari and Svenson. There is a tour of locations with Castellari also provided as a featurette.

Finally, the third disc is the music by Francesco De Masi. A nice bonus feature.

All things considered, a first rate release of this film by Severin.


Overall ( Not an Average) 7.5/10

The Movie 7.5/10
The Video 7.5/10
The Audio 6.5/10
The Packaging and Bonus Features 10/10
Overall (Not an Average) 7.5/10