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Writer-director Stephen Zimmer’s independent feature-length debut is a dark, intense thriller that tells the story of Father Cuth Abelard, a world weary priest and excorcist who encounters a supernatural evil and must risk everything. It’s a poignant tale of courage, conviction, and the timeless struggle of good versus evil. The film will be available on DVD on August 5th.  Here’s the plot synopsis:

Unusual killings, a young woman in mortal danger, and a powerful supernatural evil compel a world weary priest to risk everything, including his very soul. Enter a world of Angels, Demons, and Djinn in this compelling supernatural thriller that explores courage, conviction, and the timeless struggle of good and evil.

Shadows Light introduces the character Father Cuth Abelard, an exorcist who has just met his toughest encounter yet with the darker powers of the world. Given a leave of absence by his bishop, Father Abelard heads to his hometown to recover from the ordeal, in addition to finding some space to mourn the recent, difficult passing of his mother.

To celebrate the release of this fantastic new film we have two copies for give away!  Check out the trailer:


We here at CineGeek were able to check this film out back during its theatrical screenings and we can’t recommend it enough.  In fact our early thoughts on the film are even quoted on the box!  To win click Submit below and give us your name, mailing address and put “Shadows Light” in the subject line and on August 15th we’ll choose two lucky winners!


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