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We love unique flavored and presented potato chips. The same ol’ Doritos gets really boring really fast so we are always looking to cover something new and different. When we heard about Intoxi-tators we were intrigued to say the least. These potato chips are themed after cocktails or even a non drinking designated driver. There’s Especially Spicy Bloody Mary, Muy Mucho Margarita, and a plain flavor too.  The concept came from the creator of the chips one day spilling some wine in some mashed potatoes she was making. She didn’t want to waste the potatoes or the wine so she went ahead and served them and discovered that they were delicious.

The concept is cute but the question is; how do they taste?

Taste Test

We sat down and cracked into all of the various flavors and gave them a try. The most striking of the flavors is without a doubt the Especially Spicy Bloody Mary. The smell wafts out the minute you rip open the bag possibly scaring off the more tame of heart. The first bite is surprising in just how hot these chips are. After a few more bites I found myself settling into the heat a bit more. This isn’t so much pepper heat; it’s all about the heavy coating of Worcestershire sauce and of course tomato juice. These are a fun briny chip that are for fans of heat for sure.

Within our test group the Muy Mucho Margarita was easily the favorite. This flavor was overall much more subtle compared to the Bloody Mary but it still retained the influence of a margarita. The lime flavor that made its appearance toward the end of each bite was light and refreshing, quite a surprise for all of us.

The Designated Driver is the plain chip of the bunch similar but much more tasty than a Lays style plain chip. All of the chips feature a nice crunch and none are overly greasy, which is a common issue with this kind of potato chip. Overall our group of tasters was quite delighted with these chips and would be happy to crack open a bag at a party of for a night of gaming. We say this with the warning that the Bloody Mary flavor isn’t for the faint of heart.


The Presentation

The chips come in glossy bags that feature purposefully simple art making them feel right at home in a boutique food shop or a Whole Foods but also in a local big mart type place. The only issue is that something that has such a boutique look may turn off the mainstream snacker. That’s a minor nitpick though.


There’s no alcohol in these chips so don’t get your hopes up. With that said, these flavors are fantastically reminiscent of the drinks they are named after. We look forward to seeing what new drinks come out from Intoxi-tators in the near future! Hear our initial reactions to these chips by checking out the latest episode of our podcast here. Check them out here: http://www,intoxitators.com

Overall (Not an Average) 8.5/10

The Review
Taste Test 8.5/10
The Presentation 8/10
Overall(Not an Average) 8.5/10