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This week’s DVD’s are a mash-up of Mummy and Mummy spin-off Blu-Ray reissues and cheesy 90’s horror film blu-Ray reissues. That’s not really a bad thing though; if you’re into that sort of thing. Here’s the list:

The Mummy Blu-Ray
The Mummy Returns Blu-Ray
The Scorpion King Blu-Ray
The Perfect Storm Blu-Ray
Brutal Massacre: A Comedy
I Know What You Did Last Summer Blu-Ray 1997
Urban Legend Blu-Ray
Masters of Horror Season 2 Box Set
Spaced: The Complete Series
LA Ink: Season 1Robot Chicken: Star Wars
High and Low Critereon Collection

Today we also have our first “Food” review of Loud Truck Gummies as well as a new contest from Loud Truck for a cool t-shirt and ball cap.  Finally there’s also a review for the DVD release of Doomsday!  Scroll on down to see it all!