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Company: Loud Truck
Food Type: Gummi

The trend these days is to bring energy boosting vitamins, caffeine and such to every kind of candy and drink on the market. Loud Truck (what a great company name) brings us energy gummies. On our latest podcast we sampled the citrus flavor gummies and overall we quite enjoyed them. Here’s a warning, don’t underestimate the boost these gummies will give you. Within a few minutes of eating them we were all energized, and it shows on the podcast.

The Taste

Often energy drinks and candy doesn’t taste good. It’s the price you pay at the gym, or anytime you need a boost, for the boost. These gummies though are surprisingly good. The citrus flavor is very mild with the corn syrup taking center stage giving the gummi a sort of soda taste. As is common with most high vitamin, high caffeine content candy and drinks you can actually taste the vitamins and caffeine but the citrus and corn syrup balance what can sometimes be a heavy grainy flavor. Also the consistency of a gummy can sometimes be a bit annoying if it’s too soft and sticky but here they’re firm and easy on the teeth.


The Presentation

Part of the reason we may have been so energized could be that the recommended serving size is two gummies; well the bag was open so they all had to be eaten! If Loud Truck really wants to control the serving size they may want to consider a different kind of packaging because the little baggy isn’t really the easiest thing to deal with after it has been opened, plus they are tasty, so they are also tempting!


Loud Truck is marketing these gummies as a dietary supplement, something to eat when going to the gym and let me say they also work for that as well. I sampled a couple of them on my last trip to the gym and found the no crash boost helpful while working out. Loud Truck gummies get their energy boosting ability from a mix of guarana extract, vitamins B and C, and taurine. So, if you’re just looking for candy then you may want to look another direction because these gummies will have an effect on you more than what you’d get from a piece of candy.

Overall, these are tasting gummies that really do offer a “no crash” boost. The only complaint is the packaging not being the best for saving left over gummies if you follow the directions and only eat the recommended serving.

The Review
The Taste 8/10
The Presentation 6/10
Overall (Not an Average) 8/10