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Written By Grant Morrison

Art by J. G. Jones

The DC Universe can be a winding sprawling place for a new fan, or like a comfortable old friend to a long time fan.  Final Crisis, DC Comics summer event, does both of these in almost equal doses while presenting a shocking and fun story for any comics fan.

The Book

Final Crisis is the sequel to the classic Crisis on Infinite Earths and the recent hit Infinite Crisis.  While details from the first issue are sketchy, an old nobody villain called Libra is assembling all of the DC Universe’s villains to spread what he calls “the good news” about possible allies for them.  These allies are further explained in the Death of the New Gods miniseries.  Anyway, in the first issue, the Human Flame (yes he is really lame even to a DC fan like myself) accepts Libra and in turn *spoiler alert* kills the Martian Manhunter, a great feat from such a D list villain.  From this event we are to believe anything can and will happen in this miniseries.Guess what? This book delivers.  From a slow start this issue builds into a book any DC fan should want to pick up.  Morrison also gives the reader a fun commentary on what it is to be a superhero that it isn’t just about look and attitude.  Meanwhile, his narrative is clear and crisp.  While Grant Morrison is known for his odd plot lines, he delivers on a heartfelt interesting superhero story, not a deconstruction of the idea.  He has made me care about lesser-known villains in the DC Universe.  For example, Libra is starting to hold more sway than Lex Luthor.  Talk about changing the status quo.  This issue further explains the Faustian deal Libra is offering the villains of the DC Universe.  If this issue is any indication, it looks like a dark summer for our heroes.

While DC Zombies like myself can get through this issue with ease, anyone entering DC Comics for the first time may be overwhelmed.  Here is my only problem with the book.  I wish a primer or intro paragraph would be added to help new readers.  This will ensure optimal enjoyment.  However, Grant Morrison does tell a story that will get you involved no matter how much you love the DC Universe or how little you know of it.


The Artwork

J. G. Jones art is a combination of Greg Horn and Alex Ross, but without making the heroes seem like they’re 60.  You are on notice Ross!  This art is a perfect compliment to the compelling story.  It never overpowers, but enhances the story like good comic art does.  Panel layout is superb.  I love the fact that there are many multiple panel pages with plenty of dialogue.  Jones gives us dynamic superhero art without going the over dramatic rout.

Oh, what about that blue eyed Flash on one of the covers? Doesn’t Wally West have green eyes? Hehe See again, old fans will get this one.


Overall ( Not an Average) 9/10The Review

The Story 9/10

The Artwork 9/10

Overall (Not an Average) 10/10 for a DC fan and 8/10 for a casual non-initiated fan