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Happy Friday!

To go along with the exciting new website redo we are expanding our coverage of the world of pop culture to include offbeat and fun junk food, toys, garb, and gadgets.  That along with our current coverage of movies, DVD/Blu-Ray, games, and books should always make ofr something fun and new to see here at CineGeek!  Along with myself, Suzie, Mike, and Fred, we’ve added a new writer; Brian Curtis.  Brian will be focusing on comic book coverage but who knows what else he might bring to our merry band!

You may have already downloaded episode one of our podcast here at the site but we’re now officially in the iTunes music store.  Please go there and Subscribe to the webcast by searching for “CineGeek”.  You’ll get two returns, one that appears to be really old and not updated and ours whcih features the “Explicit” tag.  Episode one is up there and once you subscribe you’ll get all future episodes including episode 2 and 3 which should both be going up early next week.  If you have any questions or comments about the show please feel free to post them here.

Closing out the week there’s a contest from A&E in support of the new series The Cleaner that includes a bunch of free DVD’s!  Brian has written his first review for us to close the week as well.  He chose to cover Final Crisis issue 2, the second installment to DC Comics exciting summer event series.  Below his review you’ll find my look at the recent issue of The Sword a very different sort of comic book.  Comics are not all we do here at CineGeek though!  If you scroll on down you’ll find reviews for Californication Season 1, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and a collection of classic Popeye shorts.  In case you missed it we alson recently reviewed The Dead Zone The Final Season.

Next week we’ll be reviewing Jericho The Complete Series, a bevvy of horror, films and season one of a television series that starred John Waters as the Grim Reaper (how fitting!)