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Written and Illustrated by The Luna Brothers

Sure you probably expect me to cover the new issue of Thor or Invincible Iron Man so I decided to read a small image book called The Sword instead.  Gotta keep dodging and weaving, can’t get too predictable!

The Issue

The Sword is one of those fantastic stories simply told and drawn but completely riveting.  The story is focused on Dara a college aged girl who is confined to a wheelchair.  One day a group of people wielding incredible abilities, including wielding lightening and water, and demand that Dara’s father return “the sword”.  The father protests insisting that he has no clue about any sword.  Eventually these people kill the father and Dara’s sister and mother.  While the house is burning down Dara slithers under the house and out only to find the sword hidden away.  Immediately Dara can walk and the sword grants her many more fantastical abilities.In the issues that followed the launch Dara was on the run from these mysterious people as well as the police.  While on the run she learns that her friend Justin actually knows more about her father real life than she does.  Justin took a class with Dara’s father and in the class he told “fantasy” stories that in fact turned out to be real adventures tied to the sword, her father, and these mysterious murderers.

Finally in this new issue Dara decides to go on the offensive tracking the people responsible for the death of her family utilizing the stories told by her father to Justin. This issue also continues to follow a subplot with one of the mysterious killers seeking a romantic interlude with his sister, who is one of the other killers.  When he gets turned down he attempts to make himself feel better by spending an evening with a prostitute.

This installment stays consistent with the others in that the story does progress but it doesn’t seem like very much happens.  The Luna brothers are revealing this story a little at a time each month and at the same time slowly building to the inevitable showdown between Dara and the murderers.  You’ll blow through this issue fairly quickly but it won’t disappoint at all.  If you’re a fan of independent stories and are looking for something along the lines of Heroes rather than classic tights and fights then this is the book for you.


The Presnetation

I have mixed feelings about the art style in this issue and in this series in general.  I love the simplicity of it.  I think the basic approach to the art matches the simple approach to the story.  I love the use of muted colors.  This is the epitome of an indie comic, no vivd colors and heroes in underwear here.  The character design on the other hand is just a little too basic.  The male and femal characters are almost interchangeable.  If you just looked at headshots of all of them you’d be challenged to pick the males from the females.  There’s just nothing particularly effeminate about the female characters other than long hair.  There’s definitely a slight anime influence, especially on the male characters.  I’d just like to see each character looking a bit more unique from one another.


I’m an unabashed Marvel fan but when I pick up my hold box and The Sword is in the stack I read it first.  This is no big investment story-wise with tons of details to remember from month to month but it’s still riveting.  The Luna brothers have done a fantastic job of making Dara a sympathetic character without making her whiney.  I have to know what will happen to her next.  This issue finds her fighting back and in its own subtle way it’s really exciting.


The Review

The Issue 9/10

The Presentation 6.5/10

Overall 8.5/10